Adobe Tutorial Illustrator Basics

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial Basic Techniques

Adobe Tutorial Illustrator Basic Techniques In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial you will learn how to make a super simple paper clip. The video will try and explain different ways of making for example a line, or how to rotate objects, which could be considered basic, but are really useful when you are learning Illustrator. One […]

Adobe Tutorial Illustrator Pen Tool Basics

Adobe Tutorial Pen tool Basics

Adobe Tutorial Illustrator Pen Tool Basics Perhaps one of the most important tools to learn when you use Adobe Illustrator is the pen tool. With it you will be able to create and modify shapes, or any element for that matter, that you use to build your illustrations with. In this tutorial I will show […]

Adobe Illustrator Reflection Effect

Adobe Illustrator Reflection Effect Tutorial

Adobe Illustrator reflection effect In the following video I will try to explain how to use Adobe Illustrator to create a reflection of any object you choose. I will go through some pointers on how to use the gradient tool, and the transparency palette to build that reflection. As with any technique there are many […]